In English

Mikko Aaltonen

My name is Mikko Aaltonen – a father, financial manager and a progeny of the welfare state.
I’m also the chairman of the Tampere Left Alliance’s city council group and I worked as deputy mayor during the last council term.

Currently I’m running for the Finnish Parliament so I can make a positive difference on a national level.

Things I’m for:

Better worklife. The welfare of employees and enterpreneurs must be a priority. Making a living shouldn’t be this hard. Combining income and benefits should be easier. People shouldn’t be punished for unemployment. The state shouldn’t have to compensate too small salaries.

Trustworthy services. Services should be available when needed, without a struggle. Doctors should have available times in a week and be affordable to everyone. Every child has a right to good daycare and education. We all should be able to trust in our elder care system. We all have a right to grow old without worry.

Balanced economy. We need more laws and supervision against tax evasion and gray economy. This will increase our tax revenue. Only reforms bring a lasting balance to economy. We should avoid short-sighted budget cuts that will have a heavy price in the long term. Public services should be in public ownership. No to privatization and selling our properties to investors who are only interested in profiteering.

Secured future. We should do our everything to eliminate poverty from our society. We must raise lower pensions. We must move towards a basic income system which shall put an end to income insecurity. We must achieve our goals in the fight against the climate change.

By securing these changes we shall guarantee everyone the right to live, grow and prosper.